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About Accuflex Industrial Hose, Ltd.

Accuflex for many years has been a trusted name in Thermoplastic hose and tubing products while serving unique and diverse markets. We specialize in products for the beverage, plumbing, fire extinguisher, LP Gas and Medical Gas hose markets.

Accuflex continues to set the standard in the beverage industry with its new Bev-Seal Ultra® products which provide a flushable dual barrier system that protects your beverages from cross-tastes and other off-tastes. Our new Series 974H Cabled Barrier Tubing/Hose Bundle combines syrup tubes, water hoses and gas hoses all in one convenient cabled bundle for a one step installation.

As a leading edge thermoplastic hose and tubing manufacturer, Accuflex welcomes inquiries for custom engineered products to meet today’s ever changing application needs.

Accuflex Industrial Hoses